Camino de Santiago forum (English)

The Camino de Santiago community forum is a great place to ask questions. You’ll get fast and accurate answers from Camino veterans, as well as endless support and encouragement. 

Facebook group for Le Puy (English)

Everyone loves giving advice, especially pilgrims! I’ve heard excellent things about this Facebook group. If there are others, let me know here.

The Camino Podcast (English)

The Camino Podcast is a really great resource if you want to get fully immersed in the pilgrim mindset before you go, or keep it up after getting home. Host Dave Whitson invites guests to share their experiences on all the major routes, and I made a guest appearance on Episode 60 to discuss the first 4 stages along Le Puy.


Miam Miam Dodo (French with symbols)

A popular guidebook for accommodations along Le Puy, though somewhat exclusive (hosts must pay to be listed; a source of some frustration). Make sure you get the latest version. The maps in these books aren’t perfect, so I’d pair it with a Michelin Guide pamphlet (below).

Ordering the Miam Miam online to your home overseas might give you peace of mind, but you will save a bundle if you buy it in France. It’s available in FNAC stores in Paris, at the Cathedral in Le Puy, or the Le Puy en Valey tourism office.

There is a free online version of the Miam Miam listings here. I’d suggest playing around with the site a bit on your phone before deciding whether or not it should replace buying the physical book.

Michelin Guide

These pamphlets are very useful, lightweight, and available for purchase at any pilgrim store (try the Cathedral in Le Puy). Don’t feel pressured to cover the huge distances they suggest for some days; the smaller towns between the recommended stops are often much more interesting and less crowded. 

*The km count is frequently incorrect* These guides are published annually and the trail shifts all the time. Add 2-3kms to their daily estimations to avoid getting frustrated.

Vía Podiensis app (English)

I haven’t tried the Vía Podiensis app en route myself, but the interface is extremely easy to navigate. It has route maps and a lot of accommodation listings with amenities, contact information, and reviews.

The creator warns that this app is unfinished, and I would not recommend using it as your only guide. If you decide to use this on your Camino, shoot me your review!

Tourism offices

Each town along Le Puy will have an “Office de Tourism” with WIFI (hopefully), a telephone, a free map of the area, Camino knick-knacks, and a stamp for your Credential. Some of the coolest things to see are places only locals know about. The office in Le Puy is especially helpful.

Other pilgrims, past and present

Your greatest resources are your fellow pilgrims, online and along the way. Special thanks to Barbara Shea for her great advice and for sharing some useful links now included on this website. Her personal Camino blog can be found here. Check it out!