Camino de Santiago Forum (English)

The Camino de Santiago community forum is a great place to ask questions. You’ll get fast and accurate answers from Camino veterans, as well as endless support and encouragement. 

Local Guide for Le Puy (French)

If you speak some French, you may want to download this free document put out by the Le Puy tourism office. It is a practical guidebook with accommodations in each town, packing lists, maps and more.  It covers the route from Le Puy to Figeac.

Accommodations and Services (French with symbols)

This interactive webpage put out by the Miam Miam Dodo team shows the entire route between Le Puy and Saint-Jean, with accommodations and services listed. They use French and simple symbols to indicate where things are. I’d suggest playing around with it before deciding whether or not it should replace buying the physical book. Like the Miam Miam Dodo, you shouldn’t use it for accurate distances.

Facebook Group for Le Puy (English)

Everyone loves giving advice, especially pilgrims! I don’t have a personal Facebook, but I have heard excellent things about this Facebook group. If there are others, let me know here!

Guide Books

Miam Miam Dodo (French with symbols)

A popular guidebook for accommodations along the Le Puy route, though not all-inclusive (hosts must pay to be listed; a source of some frustration). Make sure you get the latest version! The maps in these books aren’t their strong-suite, so make sure you either pick up a Michelin Guide or keep location services on your mobile phone.

Ordering the Miam Miam online to your home overseas might give you peace of mind, but you will save a bundle if you buy it in Paris (FNAC stores are easy to locate and will have them in stock), at the Cathedral in Le Puy, or the Le Puy tourism office. There is an interactive version of the Miam Miam listings online here.

Michelin Guide

These pamphlets are very useful, lightweight, and available for purchase at any pilgrim store (try the Cathedral in Le Puy). Don’t feel pressured to cover the huge distances they suggest for some days. Most people along the route will be aiming to finish each day in the suggested Michelin/Miam Miam destinations, but the smaller towns between are often much more interesting and less crowded. 

*The km count is frequently incorrect*, as it takes them a year to publish each version and the trail shifts all the time. Add 2-3kms to their daily estimations to avoid getting frustrated, or worse, feeling lost.

Tourism Offices

Each town along the Le Puy route will have an “Office de Tourism” with WIFI (hopefully), a telephone, a map of the area, Camino knick-knacks and a stamp for your Credential. If you arrive at your destination early and still have some energy, it’s nice to get some suggestions and a free map of local landmarks. Some of the coolest things to see are places only locals know about. The office in Le Puy is especially helpful.

Le Puy-en-Velay tourism office:

2 Place du Clauzel
Open daily:
July and August from 8:30am-7pm
April to September from 8.30am-12am and 1:30pm-6.15pm
Telephone : +334 71 09 38 41
Email :
Website :

Other Pilgrims, Past and Present

Your greatest resources are your fellow pilgrims online and along the way. Special thanks to Barbara Shea for her great advice and for sharing some useful links now included on this website. Her personal Camino blog can be found here. Check it out!